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You have come to the right place when it comes to managing or scouting locations for film, TV and photography. We support fiction, commercials, documentaries, live TV and photo shoots.
Because we work closely with our customers to understand their vision, we can easily translate it into a practical and feasible solution.


Our Services

Location Scouting

As a Location Scout, we are, among other things, looking for indoor and outdoor locations that match the director's vision and fit within the producer's budget. Where necessary, we naturally also negotiate location fees for you and because of our extensive experience in Location Management, we also think along with practical solutions and options for the shooting days themselves.

Location Management

As Location Managers, we take over the location from the Location Scout and continue to maintain contact with the location holder until contracts are signed, the shooting days are over and any compensation to the location holders has been paid. We take care of any permits, the logistics plan and, together with the number of assistants required, we ensure that all facility services are available so that everyone can perform his or her work properly. As a Location Management team, we are the first to be present at a location to receive everyone and provide them with the facility requirements. We also provide facility support during the shooting days so that everyone can carry out his or her work, and in the end we are the last to leave after we have checked everything so that we can hand over the location to the location holder in the correct condition.

Transportation Management

As Transport Managers, we are responsible for coordinating all transportation needs of the production crew, including transportation planning, booking transportation resources, and ensuring the smooth and safe movement of people and equipment to and from the filming locations. This can be done from, in or to the Netherlands, to, from or at any desired location on earth. If desired, we can also take the worry out of your hands when it comes to airline tickets and/or overnight stays for the crew. Possibly supplemented with alternative local options. We also negotiate contracts with additional transport companies for you. We then work closely with other departments, such as the location manager and production manager, to seamlessly integrate the transportation needs of the film production into the overall production plan.

Our Customers

“It was great to have worked together with Sin Problemas. Professional, and came up with solutions for the most bizarre problems”


Celine Pashki

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